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The following information is for information purposes only and should NOT be used as factual statements. Conditions and circumstances often vary from person to person.

:: Question 1
My teeth are bunched too near the front of my mouth. Is there a way to get rid of that crowded look?

:: Answer
Nowdays, using removable orthodontics, cosmetic contouring, and/or bonding and veneering, teeth can be reshaped and polished for long-lasting results: a stronger, less crowded-looking appearance.

:: Question 2
My teeth have a lot of silver and gold. Is there a less obvious way to fill cavities?

:: Answer
Full Gold crowns and inlays are more durable amd will last much longer than plastic fillings with less problems in the long term. In back teeth, where the forces are great, the silver fillings outlast plastic especially in those fillings between teeth.

Plastic fillings show more wear, and need to be replaced more often than silver or amalgam fillings which have been known to last for 15 years in some cases.

Plastic is less obvious to the eye and is the material of choice to fill small holes in front teeth where aesthetics is more important than strength. They do need to be replaced more often. Gold inlays are extremely long lasting. Porcelain fused to metal crowns and full gold crowns outlast plastic and silver fillings.

All porcelain crowns look extremely good in front teeth if done well. They are slightly more fragile than porcelain fused -to- metal crowns and never show a metal margin which makes them the most natural in front teeth as gum lines recede.

Recent advances in technology mean that porcelain inlays can been placed in teeth. There continue to be some problems with fracture. There are some patients whose bites are unsuitable for the all porcelain restorations.

:: Question 3
I have a big gap between my two front teeth. Can that be affordably changed?

:: Answer
Yes. Bonded veneers may close gaps and help create the smile you desire. Bonded resins generally require one office visit, while porcelain veneering takes two. Bonded veneers, along with good oral hygiene and a healthy lifestyle, are effective ways to enhance a smile. Your cosmetic dentist can explain the various techniques and help determine which is the best suited to your specific needs.

:: Question 4
My teeth are very discoloured, How can I make my discoloured teeth whiter?

:: Answer
Bleaching your teeth is best done with professionally supervision first, if you want the best results.

Tthe process for whitening discolored teeth, can easily be done in the dentist's office or after your dentist-supervision at home with an "at home" system. Teeth can be whitened to the desired shade during several office visits. It is recommended that ALL At-Home" systems be individually fitted by a cosmetic dentist.

:: Question 5
Can I afford to improve my smile ?

:: Answer
The cost of cosmetic dental work depends on how much work you want done. Like any cosmetic process, costs will increase with the amount of product or services you desire. A cosmetic dentist can explain various prices and the best procedure for you.

Also, some cosmetic dental options are covered by insurance, you will need to see your insurance policy for the answer to this or ring your insurance provider.

A lot of cosmetic dental work is not as expensive as many people think. Investment in cosmetic dentistry is an investment in yourself. Looking good make most people feel mush better about themselves thereby increasing their self esteem and confidence.

Many professional people have commented that they feel better, perform better and now make much more money because they are more confident in their business transactions.

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